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Services we provide:

Timber Sales :
1. Mark and tally timber according to landowner's objectives.
2. Produce a Bid Prospectus, with special considerations, tally breakdown by species and diameter size.
3. Mail Bid Prospectus to 60 - 80 timber buyers.
4. Hold a showing so the interested timber buyers can see the timber.
5. Bidding is done through a sealed bid system.
6. Produce a contract between the landowner and the winning timber buyer.
7. Organize the harvest operation and cleanup.
8. Our fees for timber sales are based on commission - after you receive your money.

Timber and Stump Appraisals:
Appraise standing timber.
Tree appraisals from stumps left from timber theft.
Fees are based on an hourly rate.

Logging Job

Timber Management:
Manage timber land to produce the best timber crop.

Our professional management system allows you to maximize the yield per acre while not eliminating the principal of your investment. Our standards allow the ultimate in forest management systems determined from stand projections, growth rates, deer density, and insect and disease factors. We keep in mind your goals for land use, which may include recreation (hunting, fishing, camping, etc.), aesthetics, wildlife management, or alternate forest resource production (mushrooms, berries, ginseng, etc.).

We can create a timber management plan, based on stocking guides, actual tree growth, and the landowners goals, to project growth into the future, complete with future cutting schedules, and comparative graphs.

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