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We are a Consulting Forestry and Land Surveying firm providing services to individuals and corporate land owners and timber owners in western Pennsylvania.

Norman Sunderland is a Forest Science graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and has been practicing forestry since 1978.

As a Professional Land Surveyor, Norman Sunderland is licensed to practice Boundary Surveys and Subdivisions in Pennsylvania.

Sunderland Forestry Services has a staff of employees to help you with Timber Sales, timber management plans, surveying, and land subdivisions - including sewage testing sites.

Services We Provide

Timber Sale / Marketing
Timber - Appraisal
Damage / Trespass Appraisal
Forestry - Silviculture
Land Acquisition
Timber Stand Improvement
Land Surveying
Land Subdivisions
DEP Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning Module Components

Commodities We Provide